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SmatSchools is the first domesticated Africa’s’ fully online school management software which makes managing, organizing, and scheduling of school activities easy to operate. SmatSchools is the brainchild of Forefront Technologies USA and Forefront Technologies Nigeria. Having evaluated all the School Management Softwares, we developed SmatSchools to be the best online school management system designed primarily for Africa’s schools, everything you can think of from elementary classes to High school are embedded in this software.

Our school management software is cloud based which guarantees the safety of your files and database. The high cost of traditional method of school management makes it mandatory for every futuristic school to be part of this great technology. Below are some of the features that makes us unique from the rest:

24/7 Live Chat Support

This technology avails our software users to interact with us on any issue about SmatSchools whenever the need arise.

Daily Data Backup

We provide daily automatic database and files backup for our schools. The system monitors our software daily for changes and does a backup when required.

Academic Games

This multiplayer educational game is developed to boost student scores in their School Certification Examinations. Junior schools version will be coming soon.

Unique Sub-Domain Address

For easy navigation of the portals, we create a unique sub-domain name address for all the schools created.

Highly Affordable

After considering the cost of similar software in the market, we decided to release all the features for a token per term. See the pricing below.

Continuous Features Upgrade

Because of the futuristic nature of this software, new features will be added as the need arises at no additional cost to the schools.


As enumerated below this software provides robust benefits to the school:

  • Manage all school related information centrally from anywhere in the world
  • Cost of School management completely reduced
  • Monitoring of staff and students performance is seamless
  • Automated report card generation
  • Centralized data repository for easy data access
  • Problem free scalability

This software enhances the teacher/parent relationship due to Communication Bridge provided in this application. The followings are basic benefits:

  • Effective connection with school.
  • Interact with teachers seamlessly anytime.
  • Authentic updates on ward’s progress reports, school fee payment and class attendance.
  • Regular updates on school activities through the software notice board and messaging system.

Teachers are the most effective tool in child development in the school; this software helps to ease their burden of creating lesson plans, teaching, recording of scores and creating report cards. Listed below are the benefits for teachers:

  • Easy lesson plan creation.
  • Digital students’ attendance system.
  • Automatic record of students’ examination marks.
  • Effectively interact with parents.
  • Automatic report card generation with teachers’ comment.
  • Coherently manage class information and organize school activities.
  • Digital timetable system.

Students benefit from using this software in various ways such as:

  • Increase versatility in the use of computer.
  • Easy Access to Lesson Plan and Notes.
  • Downloadable online version of report cards.
  • Access to Academic Game.
  • Increases academic performance.
  • Access to online class and examination timetable.
  • Access to E-Library .


SmatSchools School Management Software is highly compacted with several unique features. Listed below are some of them:

Student Records

All student records including their termly & session report cards are stored and safe long after the student has left the school. This informations can be accessed by the school management and the students' parent/guardian anytime.

Teachers Records

All teachers' informations can be accessed anytime from anywhere around the world. This records can be accessed by parents, students & the school management.

Non-Teaching Staff Records

Access all non-teaching staff details including their home address, contact information, birthdays and so on.

Parent Access

Parent has direct access to their child's information, attendance, assignments, examination timetable, class teacher, school bills and so on via their portal.

Teacher Class Tracking

Keep track of all teachers class schedule simply by viewing their profile page. This system uses each class timetable created to track the teacher's schedule.

Student Attendance

Student attendance can now be taken easily by the class teacher and will be automatically converted to percentage by the software. The school management, teachers, parent and the students themselve have access to their attendance record.

Computer Based Tests

Easy uploading of multiple CBT questions with mathematical and chemical symbols at the same time. The test page is highly simplified for the student's and scores can be automatically recorded in the report card if desired.

Auto Report Card Calculation (Term & Session)

Each student's report card subject average, subject position, class average, student total obtained score, student class position, subject grade and so on are all calculated by the software relieving the teachers of the stress of calculations.

Online Admission Processing

Prospective students can now apply to the school without visiting the school. Application instructions can be personalized by the school and admission fee can be paid online if the online payment feature is activated.

Accounting Management

Add standard charges for students, monitor students billing, record offline payment, view payment history, track school expenses, manage the school online store, add personalized fees and so on all from the accounting portal.

Library Management

Manage the school physical and E-library online using this feature. Easily keep track of books taken by students and date they were returned.

Online Fee Payment

The software allows the parents to make school fees payment online either with their card, USSD etc. It auto generate receipt and automatically record the payment in the students’ account.

School Bus Management

Keep track of each student's daily pick-up and drop off time by the school bus. Parent also receives an email alert when their child/children are dropped at the designated place.

Hostel Management

The Software helps the school keep record of each hostel students and their rooms for easy tracking. Inventory of each room's facilities and hostel reports are also present.

Payroll System

View the total compensations that are due to your employees for a set period of time or on a given date. Also generate and store Payslips for future callbacks.

Auto Payment Receipt Generation

The Software helps the school generate receipt on each payment made to the school by the Parents/Guardians. This receipts can also be downloaded by the Parents/Guardians from their portal.

Add lots more...

Customized Android App

An android application will be created for each schools you create and will be published to Android Play Store for easy download and installation by all members of the school administration, teachers, parents/guardians and the students. The application will be named after the school and the application icon used will be the school logo. Future updates done on the app will also be updated on Play Store for easy app updating.


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